Bethlehem Tae Kwon Do offers classes for
children and adults.  Which class a student
attends is determined by age and proficiency.  
We are a very family-oriented organization and
have a number of parents who enjoy the
special enrichment of training with their

           Membership Information

Registration Fee
There is a $50 registration fee to join Bethlehem Tae Kwon Do.  The staff is
pleased to give new members the gift of a free uniform.

Monthly Fees
As of March 15, 2018 the dues for an individual are $100.00 per month, and
$50.00 per month for each additional family member. Accident Coverage is
included in your membership fees.

Bethlehem Tae Kwon Do accepts tuition payment only through our automated
system. We have engaged Member Solutions to handle our receiving of dues.
Payment is automatically withdrawn from your checking account or credit card each
month.  If you have any questions about how this works or how to complete the
payment form, please ask one of our instructors.

Testing Fees
The testing fee is $40.00 per test for any rank below Black Belt. A student will be
invited to test for the next rank when the instructor deems they are prepared. Upon
successful completion of the test, the student will be awarded a new belt and
certificate showing his/her new rank (included in the testing fee). An invitation to test
does not guarantee a promotion.  Retests as necessary are included in the original
testing fee for that rank.

Equipment Fees
When students begin to spar safety gear is mandatory (approved guards for hands,
feet, head, mouth; cup for males).  Our experienced staff will be glad to help you
with any purchases, including uniforms and other tae kwon do gear.

Liability and Insurance
Members (or their guardians) must release Bethlehem Tae Kwon Do from liability
as a condition of membership, per our Membership Agreement. However, each
registered member has accident coverage through a policy maintained by
Bethlehem Tae Kwon Do. (The policy benefits are available for your review if you
wish. Policy terms are subject to change.)
Bethlehem Tae Kwon Do
421 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar, NY  12054  |  518.248.5714  |  BethlehemTKD@yahoo.com